In English

What and where

Kalajoki Beach Ultimate tournament 2017 is a “Hat tournament” organized in Kalajoki beach on Saturday 15.7.2017. If you arrive to Kalajoki on Friday, head to the fields in the evening to meet other players. The tournament will be played 5 on 5 with mixed teams (equal amount of men and women).


For who

The teams are going to be formed randomly in the beginning of the tournament, taking into account the level of experience. So the tournament is open to anyone, regardless of skill-level (from first-timers to advanced players, everybody is welcome).

Who is organizing

The tournament is organized by Disquitos, ultimate frisbee team from Oulu.

How to attend

Fill the registration form for 2017 tournament. For more information watch this space or have a look / chat at our Facebook page.

Feel free to ask more information about the tournament or take contact if you have e.g. problems with accommodation.

Contact information

Event Manager Lauri Raittila



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